Call on the List Hearing Law and Legal Definition

Call on the list is the same as calendar call. It refers to a session of the court which is held to enquire into the status of cases. In Calendar calls, usually the cases are called by name and are scheduled for trial if the parties indicate readiness.

For example, local court rule L239(f) of Butler County:

Local Rule L239(f)--Inactive Case

(f) Pursuant to Rule of Judicial Administration 1901, on the First Tuesday of December of each year, the Prothonotary of Butler County shall list for general call all civil matters, except those that are related to support, that are Inactive. A case is ''Inactive'' if no pleadings have been filed or actions taken for a period of two (2) years or more from the date the last pleading was filed or action was taken in that case. The Prothonotary shall give written notice of the intent to include the case on the general call list for termination of inactive cases to each of the parties of record by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested and each attorney of record by Regular Mail at their last known addresses. Said notice shall be in the form of a Rule to Show Cause why the case should not be terminated for inactivity, and shall include, inter alia, a statement identifying the name of the case, the docket number, the date and type of the last pleading or action taken in the case, and the date, time and location that the Rule is Returnable. In addition, the Prothonotary shall cause to be published a notice listing, inter alia, all of the cases to be presented at the general call of the list, as well as the date, time and location of the general call of the list hearing. Said notice shall be published in the Butler Eagle and the Butler County Legal Journal for two (2) consecutive weeks prior to the date set for the general call of the list hearing. In the event the court is unable to conduct a hearing on the First Tuesday of December of each year for the purposes of terminating all inactive cases, the hearing shall be scheduled sua sponte for the first available date.