Carlot Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 51.2 [Title 7- Agriculture; Subtitle B -- Regulations Of The Department Of Agriculture; Chapter I -- Agricultural Marketing Service H1 (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), Department Of Agriculture; Subchapter C -- Regulations And Standards Under The Agricultural Marketing Act Of 1946 And The Egg Products Inspection Act; Part 51 -- Fresh Fruits, Vegetables And Other Products H1, H2 (Inspection, Certification, And Standards), Subpart -- Regulations H1, Definitions] “Carlot” means “any number of containers which contain a product of the same kind located on or unloaded from the same conveyance and available for inspection at the same time and location: Provided, That:

(1) Product of the same carlot shall be considered to be separate lots whenever the product differs markedly as to quality and/or condition, and such differences are definitely associated with certain brands, varieties, sizes or container markings;

(2) If the applicant requests more than one inspection certificate covering portions of the same carlot, the quantity of the carlot covered by each certificate shall be considered to be a separate carlot;

(3) If product of the same carlot is packed in more than one size or type container, each such size or type shall be considered to be a separate lot.