Case Information Sheet Law and Legal Definition

In some states CIS refers to a Case Information Statement. Family law judges often use the term CIS. It is a financial document specifying the details of the parties' respective incomes, expenses, assets, and debts. A CIS is to be filed by each party within 20 days after filing an Answer or Appearance if the case is contested and custody, support, alimony, or equitable distribution is an issue.

The following is an example of a state law dealing with CIS:

N.J. Court Rules, R. 5:5-2: Family Case Information Statement

(a) Applicability. The case information statement required by this rule shall be filed and served in all contested family actions, except summary actions, in which there is any issue as to custody, support, alimony or equitable distribution. In all other family actions, a case information statement may be required by order on motion of the court or a party.

(b) Time and Filing. Except as otherwise provided in R. 5:7-2, a case information statement or certification that no such statement is required under subparagraph (a) shall be filed by each party with the clerk in the county of venue within 20 days after the filing of an Answer or Appearance. The case information statement shall be filed in the form set forth in Appendix V of these rules. The court on either its own or a party's motion may, on notice to all parties, dismiss a party's pleadings for failure to have filed a Case Information Statement. If dismissed, said pleadings shall be subject to reinstatement upon such conditions as the court may deem just.

(c) Amendments. Parties are under a continuing duty in all cases to inform the court of any material changes in the information supplied on the case information statement. All amendments to the statement shall be filed with the court no later than 20 days before the final hearing. The court may prohibit a party from introducing into evidence any information not disclosed or it may enter such other order as it deems appropriate.

(d) Income Tax Returns. Following the entry of a final judgment, the court shall order the return to the parties of any income tax returns filed with a case information statement under this rule.

(e) Marital Standard of Living Declaration. In any matter in which an agreement or settlement contains an award of alimony, (1) the parties shall include a declaration that the marital standard of living is satisfied by the agreement or settlement; or (2) the parties shall by stipulation define the marital standard of living; or (3) the parties shall preserve copies of their respective filed Family Case Information Statements until such time as alimony is terminated; or (4) any party who has not filed a Family Case Information Statement shall prepare Part D ("Monthly Expenses") of the Family Case Information Statement form serving a copy thereof on the other party and preserving that completed Part D until such time as alimony is terminated.