Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system [CM/ECF] Law and Legal Definition

Case management/electronic case filing system (CM/ECF) refers the electronic submission of documents used by the U.S. federal courts including the bankruptcy courts. The CM/ECF allows bankruptcy courts to maintain all of their documents related to bankruptcy cases in electronic form, which cuts down on the costs of paperwork and saves precious trees from destruction in order to file the paperwork.

The following is an example of a federal law on CM/ECF:

A court may, by local rule, allow papers to be filed, signed, or verified by electronic means that are consistent with any technical standards established by the Judicial Conference of the U.S. A local rule may require electronic filing only if reasonable exceptions are allowed. A paper filed electronically in compliance with a local rule is a written paper for purposes of these rules. [USCS Fed Rules Civ Proc R 5].