Category IA Material Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 26.5 [Title 10 – Energy; Chapter I -- Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Part 26 -- Fitness For Duty Programs; Subpart A -- Administrative Provisions], the term Category IA material means “SSNM (Strategic Special Nuclear Material) that is directly usable in the manufacture of a nuclear explosive device, except if the material meets any of the following criteria:

(1) The dimensions are large enough (at least 2 meters in one dimension, greater than 1 meter in each of two dimensions, or greater than 25 centimeters in each of three dimensions) to preclude hiding the item on an individual;

(2) The total weight of an encapsulated item of SSNM is such that it cannot be carried inconspicuously by one person (i.e., at least 50 kilograms gross weight); or

(3) The quantity of SSNM (less than 0.05 formula kilograms) in each container requires protracted diversions to accumulate 5 formula kilograms.”