Cease and Desist Order Law and Legal Definition

Cease and desist orders in the employment arena are a remedy for unfair labor practices by which the NLRB requires the employer to discontinue any illegal practices or misconduct. Other types of cease and desist orders may be issued by a bank regulatory agency, or any agency authorized to do so by law. The order includes the notice for the opportunity of a hearing, and requires the offending party (financial institution, corporation, responsible individual) to suspend any unlawful, unsafe, or unsound practices. A cease-and desist order is enforceable in a court of law.

Some states and countries have laws that allow an individual to issue a cease-and-desist to stop harassment, stalking, or other behavior that is injurious in some legal way to the issuing party. The appropriate statute must be declared in the text of the order, and the order must be delivered by marshal or registered mail, return receipt requested. Evidence of the issuance should be stored with a third party, preferably the attorney or legal counsel whose advice has been sought about the issuance.