Central Labor Council Law and Legal Definition

Central Labor Council is a local or regional body of a labor union in large cities. It is affiliated with different state, national or inter national unions. They are local or regional bodies with its own charter, which lays down its jurisdiction, governance structure, mission, and more. Central Labor Council tends to be regional outside large cities in order to effectively balance its functions. Central Labor Council is entitled to representation and voting rights at the quadrennial convention.

Central Labor Council focuses on county or city lobbying, city or county elections, county or city zoning and other economic issues, and more local needs.

Central Labor Council works to mobilize members around organizing campaigns, collective bargaining campaigns, electoral politics, rallies and demonstrations, strikes, picketing, boycotts, and similar needs.

Central Labor Councils are historically important to the American Federation of labor because in early days it has played an active role in lobbying for workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, child labor laws and the minimum wage.