Certificate of Loading [Agricultural Marketing Service] Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 52.2 [Title 7—Agriculture; Subtitle B -- Regulations Of The Department Of Agriculture; Chapter I -- Agricultural Marketing Service H1 (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), Department Of Agriculture; Subchapter C -- Regulations And Standards Under The Agricultural Marketing Act Of 1946 And The Egg Products Inspection Act; Part 52 -- Processed Fruits And Vegetables, Processed Products Thereof, And Certain Other Processed Food Products H1,Subpart -Regulations Governing Inspection And Certification ,Definitions] “Certificate of loading” means “a statement, either written or printed, issued pursuant to the regulations in this part, relative to checkloading of a processed product subsequent to inspection thereof. The certificate of loading may be issued in lieu of an official inspection certificate when the same inspection procedures are applied and when authorized by the Administrator.”