Certificates of Readiness Law and Legal Definition

Some courts require a certificate of readiness to be filed in certain cases. Rules vary by court, but they typically require that in all cases set for adjudication and/or disposition, a certificate of readiness must be filed with the court and served upon all parties within a specified time frame. The list may be required to contain items, among others, such as

    A Witness List – including the names, addresses and phone (if known) of all witnesses (other than impeachment and rebuttal witnesses). Any witness not so listed shall not testify other than impeachment or rebuttal witnesses.
  1. b. An Exhibit List – copies of exhibits to be proffered at trial (other than impeachment or rebuttal exhibits). Exhibits, which are not easily capable of photocopy reproduction, shall be identified and made available for inspection by opposing counsel.

Failure to comply with this rule could result in penalties such as dismissal, sanctions to the attorneys and offending parties' witnesses not being able to testify. Local court rules should be consulted for specific requirements.