Certified Horsemen's Organization Law and Legal Definition

Certified Horsemen's Organization is an organization of horsemen that has been certified by an authority as having capacity to supply horses in a race meeting. Certified horse organizations have to assist licensees who conduct race meeting. These organizations can enter in to contracts with the race meeting licensees.

Following is an example of a state statute {[ MCLS � 431.302] (Michigan)} which defines the term Certified horsemen's organization :

"Certified horsemen's organization" means an organization registered with the office of racing commissioner in a manner and form required by the racing commissioner, that can demonstrate all of the following:

(i) The organization's capacity to supply horses.

(ii) The organization's ability to assist a race meeting licensee in conducting the licensee's racing program.

(iii) The organization's ability to monitor and improve physical conditions and controls for individuals and horses participating at licensed race meetings.

(iv) The organization's ability to protect the financial interests of the individuals participating at licensed race meetings.