Cerumen Removal Law and Legal Definition

Cerumen removal means the non routine removal of cerumen within the cartilaginous ear canal necessary for access in performance of audiological procedures under the supervision of a physician and surgeon. Cerumen removal can only be performed by a licensed audiologist. Physician and surgeon supervision will include collaboration on the development of written standardized protocols, approval by the supervising physician of the written standardized protocol. The protocols will include a requirement that the supervised audiologist immediately refer to an appropriate physician any trauma, including skin tears, bleeding, or other pathology of the ear discovered in the process of cerumen removal. Apart from this, a supervising physician shall be within the general vicinity and must be available by telephone contact at the time of cerumen removal. For purposes of cerumen removal, a licensed physician and surgeon may not simultaneously supervise more than two audiologists [Cal Bus & Prof Code § 2530.2(o)].