Charge Law and Legal Definition

The term Charge may refer to:

1. A formal accusation of an offense which is the preliminary step to prosecution. For example “A was charged with the murder of his wife.”

2. A financial burden or an encumbrance, lien or claim. For example “a charge on property.”

3. Jury Charge. Instruction given by a judge to a jury about the law, its application, and the weighing of evidence.

4. An instruction or command or order. For example “a mother’s charge to her son”

5. A responsibility or assigned duty or task. For example “The manager was in charge of the administration of the office.”

6. A person or thing entrusted to another’s care. For example “ the baby sitter’s three charges.”

7. To set or ask as a price cost or expense. For example “the services are free of charge.”

8. In Parliamentary law, it refers to a deliberative assembly’s mandate to a committee.