Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section Law and Legal Definition

The Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) is a section under the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Criminal Division. The CEOS was created in 1987. The section aims to protect the welfare of U.S. children and communities by enforcing federal criminal statutes relating to the exploitation of children.

The CEOS is an expert in child exploitation issues, and it leads the DOJ in its effort to continuously improve the enforcement of federal child exploitation laws and prevent the exploitation of children. CEOS attorneys prosecute defendants who have violated federal child exploitation laws and also assist the 94 United States Attorney Offices in investigations, trials, and appeals related to these offenses. CEOS attorneys also perform other vital functions within the Criminal Division of the DOJ.

Additionally, the section provides training to federal prosecutors, law enforcement personnel, and officials of DOJ. The CEOS also aids in developing prosecution policies, legislation, government practices and agency regulations, and participating in national and international meetings on training and policy development.