Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome [CSAAS] Law and Legal Definition

Child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome refers to that group of symptoms or behavior patterns typically manifested by young victims of sexual abuse.

The following is an example of a case law on child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome :

The child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome, or CSAAS, represents a common denominator of the most frequently observed victim behaviors. CSAAS includes five categories of behavior, each of which contradicts "the most common assumptions of adults. The first of the preconditions is secrecy. Child abuse happens only when the child is alone with the offending adult, and the experience must never be disclosed. The second precondition is helplessness. The third aspect of the syndrome is a sequential contingency, a combination: the child feels trapped by the situation (entrapment), and that perception results in the behavior of accommodating the abuse (accommodation). The fourth aspect is delayed, conflicted and unconvincing disclosure. The fifth and final aspect is retraction. [State v. J.Q., 130 N.J. 554, 568 (N.J. 1993)].