Civil Corporation Law and Legal Definition

Civil Corporation is a public corporation of an involuntary character such as a county, township, school district, or road district. It is created by the state without the intervention of the people within its boundaries as an arm and instrumentality of the state for the administration of government locally. It is otherwise known as quasi corporation.

A civil corporation is not liable to a private action in damages for negligence in the performance of their public duties, except when made so by legislative enactment. They are no less than public agencies of the state, invested by it, of its own sovereign will, with their particular powers, to assist in the conduct of local administration, and execute its general policy, with no power to decline the functions devolved upon them, or withhold the performance of them in the mode prescribed, and hence, are clothed with the same immunity from liability as the state itself. [Dunn v. Brown County Agricultural Soc., 46 Ohio St. 93 (Ohio 1888)]