CLETS Law and Legal Definition

CLETS is a data interchange switcher for state data files. CLETS is an acronym standing for California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System. CLETS is a high-speed message switching system which became operational in 1970. CLETS provides law enforcement and criminal justice agencies access to various data bases and the ability to transmit and receive point-to-point administrative messages to other agencies within California or via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) to other states and Canada.

Broadcast messages can be transmitted intrastate to participating agencies in the Group Bulletin Network and to regions nationwide via NLETS. CLETS has direct interface with the FBI-NCIC, NLETS, DMV, Oregon and Nevada. The state provides the computer hardware, switching center personnel, administrative personnel, and the circuitry to one point in each county. The local agencies provide the circuitry and equipment which link them to their county termination point. A number of agencies have message switching computer (MSC) systems and computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems which directly connect to CLETS. Many of these systems have mobile data terminals (MDTs) which allow an officer in the field to inquire directly into various systems.