Commence Law and Legal Definition

According to 30 USCS § 1702 (Title 30; Mineral Lands and Mining; Chapter 29; Oil and Gas Royalty Management), the term "commence" means--

(A) with respect to a judicial proceeding, the service of a complaint, petition, counterclaim, cross claim, or other pleading seeking affirmative relief or seeking credit or recoupment: Provided, That if the Secretary commences a judicial proceeding against a designee, the Secretary shall give notice of that commencement to the lessee who designated the designee, but the Secretary is not required to give notice to other lessees who may be liable pursuant to section 102(a) of this Act [30 USCS § 1712(a)], for the obligation that is the subject of the judicial proceeding; or

(B) with respect to a demand, the receipt by the Secretary or a delegated State or a lessee or its designee (with written notice to the lessee who designated the designee) of the demand.”