Commercial Air Tour Law and Legal Definition

According to 14 CFR 93.303 [Title 14 -- Aeronautics and Space; Chapter I -- Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation; Subchapter F -- Air Traffic and General Operating Rules; Part 93 -- Special Air Traffic Rules; Subpart U -- Special Flight Rules In the Vicinity of Grand Canyon National Park, AZ], commercial air tour means “any flight conducted for compensation or hire in a powered aircraft where a purpose of the flight is sightseeing. If the operator of a flight asserts that the flight is not a commercial air tour, factors that can be considered by the Administrator in making a determination of whether the flight is a commercial air tour include, but are not limited to --

(1) Whether there was a holding out to the public of willingness to conduct a sightseeing flight for compensation or hire;

(2) Whether a narrative was provided that referred to areas or points of interest on the surface;

(3) The area of operation;

(4) The frequency of flights;

(5) The route of flight;

(6) The inclusion of sightseeing flights as part of any travel arrangement package; or

(7) Whether the flight in question would or would not have been canceled based on poor visibility of the surface.”