Commercial Regulations [Transportation] Law and Legal Definition

According to 49 CFR 386.2 [Title 49 – Transportation; Subtitle B -- Other Regulations Relating to Transportation; Chapter III -- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of Transportation; Subchapter B -- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; Part 386 -- Rules of Practice for Motor Carrier, Broker, Freight Forwarder, and Hazardous Materials Proceedings; Subpart A -- Scope of Rules; Definitions and General Provisions], commercial regulations means “statutes and regulations that apply to persons providing or arranging transportation for compensation subject to the Secretary's jurisdiction under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 135. The statutes are codified in Part B of Subtitle IV, Title 49, U.S.C. (49 U.S.C. 13101 through 14913). The regulations include those issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or its predecessors under authority provided in 49 U.S.C. 13301 or a predecessor statute.”