Commercial Vessel Law and Legal Definition

According to 26 USCS § 4462, [Title 26. Internal Revenue Code; Subtitle D. Miscellaneous Excise Taxes; Chapter 36. Certain Other Excise Taxes; Subchapter A. Harbor Maintenance Tax], the term ‘commercial vessel’ is defined as:

(A) In general. The term 'commercial vessel' means any vessel used--

(i) in transporting cargo by water for compensation or hire, or

(ii) in transporting cargo by water in the business of the owner, lessee, or operator of the vessel.

(B) Exclusion of ferries.

(i) In general. The term 'commercial vessel' does not include any ferry engaged primarily in the ferrying of passengers (including their vehicles) between points within the United States, or between the United States and contiguous countries.

(ii) Ferry. The term 'ferry' means any vessel which arrives in the United States on a regular schedule during its operating season at intervals of at least once each business day.