Community Custody Program (CCP) Law and Legal Definition

Community Custody Program or CCP is an alternative to incarceration whereby the offender is returned to his or her home, job and neighborhood with intensive supervision. The program provides community based supervision and treatment reporting for court authorized offenders who meet eligibility criteria. Offenders are placed back into the community and are monitored on a daily basis by Community Custody Officers. The program allows an offender to work and perform community service while being restricted to behavioral parameters and curfew times. Those who violate the program are returned to secure custody and are required to work in various areas of the Jail and/or Community.

Example of a State Stature ( Washington) defining the term Community Custody Rev. Code Wash. (ARCW) § 9.94A.030 defines Community Custody as that portion of an offender's sentence of confinement in lieu of earned release time or imposed as part of a sentence and served in the community subject to controls placed on the offender's movement and activities by the department.