Community Learning Center [Education] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 7171 (b) (1) [Title 20. Education; Chapter 70. Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools; 21st Century Schools; 21st Century Community Learning Centers], the term community learning center means “an entity that--

(A) assists students in meeting State and local academic achievement standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and mathematics, by providing the students with opportunities for academic enrichment activities and a broad array of other activities (such as drug and violence prevention, counseling, art, music, recreation, technology, and character education programs) during nonschool hours or periods when school is not in session (such as before and after school or during summer recess) that reinforce and complement the regular academic programs of the schools attended by the students served; and

(B) offers families of students served by such center opportunities for literacy and related educational development.”