Community Wildfire Protection Plan Law and Legal Definition

According to 16 USCS § 6511 (3) [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 84. Healthy Forest Restoration; Hazardous Fuel Reduction on Federal Land] the term community wildfire protection plan means “a plan for an at-risk community that--

(A) is developed within the context of the collaborative agreements and the guidance established by the Wildland Fire Leadership Council and agreed to by the applicable local government, local fire department, and State agency responsible for forest management, in consultation with interested parties and the Federal land management agencies managing land in the vicinity of the at-risk community;

(B) identifies and prioritizes areas for hazardous fuel reduction treatments and recommends the types and methods of treatment on Federal and non-Federal land that will protect 1 or more at-risk communities and essential infrastructure; and

(C) recommends measures to reduce structural ignitability throughout the at-risk community.”