Comparable Pay Band [Administrative Personnel] Law and Legal Definition

According to 5 CFR 9901.103 [Title 5 -- Administrative Personnel; Chapter XCIX -- Department of Defense Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Systems (Department of Defense -- Office of Personnel Management); Part 9901 -- Department of Defense National Security Personnel System (NSPS); Subpart A -- General Provisions], comparable pay band or comparable level of work means “pay bands with the equivalent level of work, based on the NSPS classification structure, within and across varying pay schedules and career groups, regardless of the specific earning potential of the bands. When moving from a non-NSPS position to NSPS, the band of the NSPS position is determined to be at a comparable level of work to the grade or level of the non-NSPS position based on application of the NSPS classification structure, as described in implementing issuances.”