Complete Complaint Law and Legal Definition

According to 41 CFR 51-10.103 (Title 41 - Public Contracts And Property Management; Subtitle B - Other Provisions Relating To Public Contracts; Chapter 51 -Committee For Purchase From People Who Are Blind Or Severely Disabled; Part 51-10 - Enforcement Of Nondiscrimination On The Basis Of Handicap In Programs Or Activities Conducted By The Committee For Purchase From People Who Are Blind Or Severely Disabled),complete complaint means “a written statement that contains the complainant's name and address and describes the agency's alleged discriminatory action in sufficient detail to inform the agency of the nature and date of the alleged violation of section 504. It shall be signed by the complainant or by someone authorized to do so on his or her behalf. Complaints filed on behalf of classes or third parties shall describe or identify (by name, if possible) the alleged victims of discrimination.”