Complex Document Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 2.1001 [Title 10.Energy; Chapter I. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Part 2. Rules of Practice for Domestic Licensing Proceedings and Issuance of Orders; Subpart J. Procedures Applicable to Proceedings for the Issuance of Licenses for the Receipt of High-Level Radioactive Waste at a Geologic Repository] the term complex document means “a document that consists (entirely or in part) of electronic files having substantial portions that are neither textual nor image in nature, and graphic or other Binary Large Objects that exceed 50 megabytes and cannot logically be divided. For example, specialized submissions may include runtime executable software, viewer or printer executables, dynamic link library (.dll) files, large data sets associated with an executable, and actual software code for analytical programs that a party may intend to introduce into the proceeding.”