Comprehensive Planning Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 31 USCS § 6501 (Title 31, Money and Finance; Subtitle V, General Assistance Administration; Chapter 65, Intergovernmental Cooperation), "comprehensive planning includes, to the extent directly related to area needs or needs of a unit of general local government--

(A) preparation, as a guide for governmental policies and action, of general plans on--

(i) the pattern and intensity of land use;

(ii) providing public facilities (including transportation facilities) and other governmental services; and

(iii) the effective development and use of human and natural resources;

(B) long-range physical and fiscal plans for an action referred to in subparagraph (A);

(C) a program for capital improvements and other major expenditures based on their relative urgency, and definitive financing plans for the expenditures in the earlier years of the program;

(D) coordination of related plans and activities of States and local governments and agencies concerned; and

(E) preparation of regulatory and administrative measures to support the items referred to in subparagraphs (A), (B), (C), and (D).”