Comprehensive School Health Program Law and Legal Definition

The Comprehensive School Health Program (CSHP) is a national program in the U.S. that helps schools to improve the health of children. CSHP is supported by the American School Health Association (ASHA), a national health organization. The program aims to promote wellness, motivate health improvement, and offer educational opportunities for students, families, and community members.

The CSHP includes eight components. They are:

A health education- suggesting a planned health curriculum for students in grades K-12;

a healthful school environment- for promoting a healthful physical and emotional environment;

school health services- for encouraging, promoting and protecting the health of every child;

a physical education- for promoting regular exercise in schools as part of a healthful lifestyle;

nutrition services- for encouraging balanced, appealing, and varied meals and snacks for students;

counseling services- for supporting evaluations and counseling for students;

community and family involvement- for encouraging the involvement of parents and the community in the schools; and

a health promotion for faculty and staff- for promoting a healthy staff.