Comprehensive Law and Legal Definition

Comprehensive means including all or everything. Something that is detailed, broad in scope and content. For example Comprehensive report means a detailed report including everything that is required.

Example of a state statute ( New York) using the word Comprehensive.

NY CLS Exec § 911 [Executive law ,Article 42. Waterfront Revitalization Of Coastal Areas And Inland Waterways, Definitions]

"Comprehensive harbor management plan" shall mean a plan to address the problems of conflict, congestion and competition for space in the use of harbors, surface waters and underwater lands of the state within a city, town or village or abounding a city, town or village to a distance of fifteen hundred feet from shore. A harbor management plan must consider regional needs and, where applicable, must consider the competing needs of commercial shipping and recreational boating, commercial and recreational fishing and shellfishing, aquaculture and waste management, mineral extraction, dredging, public access, recreation, habitat and other natural resource protection, water quality, open space, aesthetic values and common law riparian or littoral rights, and the public interest in such lands underwater.