Concentrated Marketing Law and Legal Definition

Concentrated marketing also known as focused marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at connecting with and selling products to a specific consumer group. The product is developed and marketed for a very well-defined, specific segment of the consumer population. The marketing plan will also be a highly specialized one which caters to the needs of that specific consumer segment. This type of marketing strategy is effective for small companies with limited resources as it enables the company to achieve a strong market position in the specific market segment it serves without mass production, mass distribution, or mass advertising. One of the major drawbacks of this marketing strategy is that it can be expensive as it involves a great deal of research into the wants, needs, and buying habits of that group of consumers. Further, as it focuses only on a specified group, in case the company is not able to capture an appreciable share of the targeted group of consumers, there may not be the luxury of more time to cultivate a client base with a different consumer group.