Condition Class 2 Law and Legal Definition

According to 16 USCS § 6511 (4), [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 84. Healthy Forest Restoration; Hazardous Fuel Reduction on Federal Land] the term condition class 2, with respect to an area of Federal land, means “the condition class description developed by the Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station in the general technical report entitled "Development of Coarse-Scale Spatial Data for Wildland Fire and Fuel Management" (RMRS-87), dated April 2000 (including any subsequent revision to the report), under which--

(A) fire regimes on the land have been moderately altered from historical ranges;

(B) there exists a moderate risk of losing key ecosystem components from fire;

(C) fire frequencies have increased or decreased from historical frequencies by 1 or more return intervals, resulting in moderate changes to--

(i) the size, frequency, intensity, or severity of fires; or

(ii) landscape patterns; and

(D) vegetation attributes have been moderately altered from the historical range of the attributes.”