Conditions of Employment Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 22 USCS �� 4102 (5) [Title 22. Foreign Relations and Intercourse; Chapter 52. Foreign Service; Labor-Management Relations] the term conditions of employment means ���personnel policies, practices, and matters, whether established by regulation or otherwise, affecting working conditions, but does not include policies, practices, and matters--

(A) relating to political activities prohibited abroad or prohibited under subchapter III of chapter 73 of title 5, United States Code [5 USCS ���� 7331 et seq.];

(B) relating to the designation or classification of any position under section 501 [22 USCS �� 3981];

(C) to the extent such matters are specifically provided for by Federal statute; or

(D) relating to Government-wide or multiagency responsibility of the Secretary affecting the rights, benefits, or obligations of individuals employed in agencies other than those which are authorized to utilize the Foreign Service personnel system.���