Confirmed Test Result Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 26.5 [Title 10 – Energy; Chapter I -- Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Part 26 -- Fitness For Duty Programs; Subpart A -- Administrative Provisions], the term confirmed test result means “a test result that demonstrates that an individual has used drugs and/or alcohol in violation of the requirements of this part or has attempted to subvert the testing process by submitting an adulterated or substituted urine specimen. For drugs, adulterants, and substituted specimens, a confirmed test result is determined by the Medical Review Officer (MRO), after discussion with the donor subsequent to the MRO's receipt of a positive confirmatory drug test result from the HHS-certified laboratory and/or a confirmatory substituted or adulterated validity test result from the HHS-certified laboratory for that donor. For alcohol, a confirmed test result is based on a positive confirmatory alcohol test result from an evidential breath testing device (EBT) without MRO review of the test result.”