Conflict Resolution Law and Legal Definition

Conflict resolution means a process of resolving dispute or disagreement. It mainly aims at reconciling opposing arguments in a manner that promotes and protects the human rights of all parties concerned.

Generally, conflict resolution adopts the following five methods:

(1) problem solving or confrontation in which the two parties work together to find out a common solution;

(2) compromising in which both sides arrives on a agreement about their gain and loss;

(3) forcing in which the person having power direct a solution for acceptance by the other;

(4) smoothing in which the major points of agreement are given attention and disagreement between the two sides are not highlighted; and

(5) withdrawing in which either one or both sides withdraws from conflict.

The term conflict resolution is also known as dispute resolution or alternative dispute resolution. Other methods adopted for conflict resolution includes negotiation, mediation, and diplomacy. Sometimes arbitration, litigation, and formal complaint processes such as ombudsman processes are also referred as conflict resolution.