Conservator of Person Law and Legal Definition

A conservatorship of the person for someone whose health is at risk because they can't provide for their own food, shelter, and other basic needs. The benefits of this conservatorship are:

1. It provides a way for you to assist a loved one whose health is at risk but who refuses help. And,

2. The conservator can obtain medical information and communicate with health care providers to make sure your loved one receives the best medical care. This is particularly helpful if your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living home, or needs continuous monitoring of a serious health condition.

The conservator has the legal authority to make basic personal and health-care decisions for the protected person. The conservator must act responsibly and file regular reports with the court.

When the court chooses you as the conservator of a person, this means you:

-Arrange for the conservatee's care and protection;

-Decide where the conservatee will live; and

-Are in charge of:

health care,


clothes, personal care,

housekeeping, transportation, and recreation.