Consortium Law and Legal Definition

The term Consortium has the following distinct meanings:

The benefits that a person is entitled to receive from another like companionship, cooperation, affection, aid, financial support etc.


Filial consortium- A child's society, affection, and companionship given to a parent;

Paternal consortium-A parent's society, affection, and companionship given to a child;

Spousal Consortium - Here consortium can include all tangible and intangible benefits one spouse derives from the other and includes material support, companionship, affection, guidance and sexual relations. The term can arise in a lawsuit when a claim for loss of consortium is made for damages caused by decreased or limited sexual activity between the injured party and the spouse resulting from the harmful act of another.

Consortium could also refer to an association or combination of a group of companies, financial institutions or investors for the purposes of participating in a common activity. For example a group of companies may form a consortium for the purpose of engaging in a joint venture.