Constitutional Alcalde Law and Legal Definition

Constitutional Alcalde refers to a person who acts as mayor of a town under the Mexican law. This person will be given an official status, dignity and authority of a justice of peace. Duties of Alcades while on official status include:

1. to try criminal and civil cases,

2. to preside over the town council;

3. to issue licenses; and

4. to inspect hides going to market.

Following is an example of a case law defining ‘Constitutional alcalde’:

We do know historically that the Constitutional Alcalde was a person of official status under Mexican rule corresponding in many respects in dignity and authority to a justice of the peace under our American system of government. [Tietzel v. Southwestern Constr. Co., 48 N.M. 567, 573 (N.M. 1944)].

However, this system collapsed in the flood of immigration in 1849.