Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division [Federal Communications Commission] Law and Legal Definition

The Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division (CAOD) within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) develop and implements consumer outreach and education policies, goals and objectives, and ensures that the Commission has the benefit of a wide spectrum of information and viewpoints in its decision-making processes.

The CAOD plans, develops and conducts consumer outreach and education initiatives to educate the public about important Commission regulatory programs.

The functions of the CAOD include:

a. to establish liaison(s) for information sharing purposes to assure there is coordination on all consumer outreach projects;

b. to ensure that alternative formats of Commission materials are available to Commission employees, Bureaus, Offices and members of the public;

c. to coordinate all sign language Interpreting requests for the Commission;

d. to develop for all Bureau Web pages; and

e. to develops and maintains special databases for disseminating information and material to groups affected by Commission actions.