Contact Lens Rule Law and Legal Definition

Contact lens rule is a rule that addresses the issue of release, verification, and sale of contact lens prescriptions. It is established pursuant to 16 CFR 315.1.This rule specifically governs contact lens prescriptions and related issues. It also governs the availability of eyeglass prescriptions and related issues (

The contact lens rule states that when a prescriber completes a contact lens fitting, the prescriber are obliged to the following duties:

1.To provide the patient, a copy of the contact lens prescription; and

2.To provide verify the contact lens prescription by electronic or other means.

However, a prescriber may not require payment in addition to, or as part of, the fee for an eye examination, fitting, and evaluation as a condition of providing a copy of a prescription. Nevertheless, under this rule, a prescriber may require payment of fees for an eye examination, fitting, and evaluation before the release of a contact lens prescription, but only if the prescriber requires immediate payment in the case of an examination that reveals no requirement for ophthalmic goods.