Contract Dispute Law and Legal Definition

According to 14 CFR 17.3 (Title 14 - Aeronautics And Space; Chapter I - Federal Aviation Administration, Department Of Transportation; Subchapter B - Procedural Rules; Part 17 - Procedures For Protests And Contracts Disputes; Subpart A – General),Contract Dispute, as used in this part, means “a written request to the Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition seeking resolution, under an existing FAA contract subject to the AMS, of a claim for the payment of money in a sum certain, the adjustment or interpretation of contract terms, or for other relief arising under, relating to or involving an alleged breach of that contract. A contract dispute does not require, as a prerequisite, the issuance of a Contracting Officer final decision. Contract disputes for purposes of ADR only may also involve contracts not subject to the AMS.”