Corporate Compliance Activity Law and Legal Definition

According to 19 CFR 111.1 [Title 19 Customs Duties; Chapter I U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security; Department of the Treasury; Part 111 Customs Brokers; Subpart A General Provisions], corporate compliance activity means activity performed by a business entity to ensure that documents for a related business entity or entities are prepared and filed with CBP using "reasonable care", but such activity does not extend to the actual preparation or filing of the documents or their electronic equivalents. For purposes of this definition, a "business entity" is an entity that is registered or otherwise on record with an appropriate governmental authority for business licensing, taxation, or other legal purposes, and the term "related business entity or entities" encompasses a business entity that has more than a 50 percent ownership interest in another business entity, a business entity in which another business entity has more than a 50 percent ownership interest, and two or more business entities in which the same business entity has more than a 50 percent ownership interest.