Corporate Restructuring Law and Legal Definition

The process of corporate restructuring involves evaluating the business/turnaround strategy, providing valuation analysis of the business, its components and assets and assessing the financial alternatives available for consideration. Some of the tasks involved may include, among others:

1. Stabilizing operations and financial crisis

2. Analyzing operational economics and cash flow dynamics

3. Restructuring financial obligations to match cash flow potential

4. Redesigning business models to be more competitive, including the rationalization of SKUs, channels of distribution and management layers

5. Evaluation of management

6. Turnaround plan development and implementation

7. Financial restructuring

8. Management of relations with debtholder/investors

9. Analysis of financial alternatives

10. Development & management of wind-down and liquidation strategies

11. Cash flow forecasting and management

12. Viability analysis

13. Operational analysis and forecasting

14. Refinancing and recapitalization

15. Evaluation of systems and controls

16. Bankruptcy consulting