Counseling Law and Legal Definition

Counseling is a service that renders evaluation and therapy that includes, but is not limited to, providing individual counseling, family counseling, marital counseling, group therapy, school counseling, play therapy, rehabilitation counseling, art therapy, human growth and development counseling, couples counseling, chemical abuse or dependency counseling, career counseling, and vocational disability counseling.

The use of specific methods, techniques, or modalities within the practice of a licensed professional counselor is restricted to counselors appropriately trained in the use of these methods, techniques, or modalities. A licensed professional counselor or associate licensed counselor must not attempt to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, or advise a client with reference to problems or complaints falling outside the boundaries of counseling services. State laws, which vary by state, regulate the licensing of counselors to safeguard counseling practices and their clients. States may prescribe examinations for licensing and counselors aer subject to a code of ethics.