Court Fines Law and Legal Definition

A fine is an amount of money that the court has ordered to be paid as a penalty. Fines may be ordered in a variety of civil cases, such as traffic citations or drunk and disorderly citations. Fines can include court costs and other fees. A judge may order a fine as the whole or part of a sentence. Fines can be ordered for a wide range of offenses. The notice of a fine may state:

1. the offense

2. the amount of the fine

3. when and where the fine must be paid (the due date)

4. your rights of appeal (as the "defendant")

5. what will happen if you don’t pay the fine by the due date

6. that the court can agree to extend the time for paying the fine, by instalment or otherwise

Different jurisdictions have diffferent acceptable payment methods, often requiring payment by cash, money orser, or credit card. Failure to pay a required fine may result in a warrant being issued for the person's arrrest. Local laws should be consulted for specific requirements in your area.