Courtesy Supervision Law and Legal Definition

Courtesy supervision typically refers to supervision provided to those defendants who are referred from other jurisdictions requesting courtesy supervision. As part of a probation/parole plan a client may desire to establish residence or return to his residence in another county within the state or another state. Courtesy supervision is requested from the county in which the client desires to live. For those clients desiring to live in another state, courtesy supervision may be conducted through a formal arrangement between states called the Interstate Compact. All clients whose cases are transferred to another county or state for supervision should be informed that, although actual supervision of their case is transferred to another agency, jurisdiction of their case remains with the original court.

It should be noted that rules for transferring cases to other jurisdictions change regularly, that some jurisdictions will not allow certain offenders into their state, and that reporting requirements frequently change. In some states, certain offenders are not allowed to visit or live in their jurisdiction without permission, and being there without permission will result in a new offense. Precise policies and practices vary by jurisdiction, so local laws should be consulted.