Cover Letter Law and Legal Definition

A cover letter in the employment context is a letter that should accompany your resume when you contact a potential employer. A good cover letter gives a glimpse ofyour personality and describes specific strengths and skills you offer the employer. It should entice the employer to read your resume.

Cover letters can fall under the following categories:

1. uninvited (cold contact) cover letter -- The most common type of cover letter, since such a large percentage of the job market openings are not advertised. Usually part of a direct mail campaign in which the job-seeker is trying to uncover hidden jobs.

2. invited cover letter -- Written in response to an advertised opening, whether in a newspaper, trade publication, on the Internet, or even on the company's bulletin board.

3. referral cover letter -- An extremely effective type of cover letter that springs from networking efforts. The referral letter uses a name-dropping tactic as early as possible in the letter to attract the reader's attention and prompt an interview.