Covered Commodity Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 USCS § 1638 (title 7 Agriculture; chapter 38 Distribution and Marketing of Agricultural Products; Country of Origin Labeling) “Covered Commodity” is defined as:

(A) In general – “The term "covered commodity" means--

(i) muscle cuts of beef, lamb, and pork;

(ii) ground beef, ground lamb, and ground pork;

(iii) farm-raised fish;

(iv) wild fish;

(v) a perishable agricultural commodity;

(vi) peanuts; and

(vii) meat produced from goats;

(viii) chicken, in whole and in part;

(ix) ginseng;

(x) pecans; and

(xi) macadamia nuts.

(B) Exclusions - The term "covered commodity" does not include an item described in subparagraph (A) if the item is an ingredient in a processed food item.”