Covered Person [Energy] Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 490.2 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter II Department of Energy; Subchapter D Energy Conservation; Part 490 Alternative Fuel Transportation Program; Subpart A General Provisions], the term Covered Person means “a person that owns, operates, leases, or otherwise controls --

(1) A fleet, as defined by this section, that contains at least 20 light duty motor vehicles that are centrally fueled or capable of being centrally fueled, and are used primarily within a metropolitan statistical area or a consolidated metropolitan statistical area, as established by the Bureau of the Census, with a 1980 population of 250,000 or more (as set forth in Appendix A to this subpart) or in a Federal Register notice; and

(2) At least 50 light duty motor vehicles within the United States.