Covered Vehicle Law and Legal Definition

According to 16 CFR 309.1 [Title 16 -- Commercial Practices; Chapter I -- Federal Trade Commission; Subchapter C -- Regulations under Specific Acts of Congress; Part 309 -- Labeling Requirements for Alternative Fuels and Alternative Fueled Vehicles]; covered vehicle means either of the following:

(1) A dedicated or dual fueled passenger car (or passenger car derivative) capable of seating 12 passengers or less; or

(2) A dedicated or dual fueled motor vehicle (other than a passenger car or passenger car derivative) with a gross vehicle weight rating less than 8,500 pounds which has a vehicle curb weight of less than 6,000 pounds and which has a basic vehicle frontal area of less than 45 square feet, which is:

(i) Designed primarily for purposes of transportation of property or is a derivation of such a vehicle; or

(ii) Designed primarily for transportation of persons and has a capacity of more than 12 persons.