Craft Workers (Skilled) Law and Legal Definition

According to 41 CFR 61-250.2 [Title 41 -- Public Contracts and Property Management; Subtitle B -- Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts; Chapter 61 -- Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training Service, Department of Labor; Part 61-250 -- Annual Report From Federal Contractors], craft workers (skilled) means “manual workers of relatively high skill level having a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in their work. These workers exercise considerable independent judgment and usually receive an extensive period of training. Includes: The building trades, hourly paid supervisors and lead operators who are not members of management, mechanics and repairers, skilled machining occupations, compositors and typesetters, electricians, engravers, job setters (metal), motion picture projectionists, pattern and model makers, stationary engineers, tailors, arts occupations, hand painters, coaters, decorative workers, and kindred workers.”